ROBMIND proposes the valorization of the R&D efforts performed by the GRVC Robotics Lab group from the Universidad de Sevilla in aerial robotic manipulation and their application to the inspection and maintenance (I&M) of industrial settings. ROBMIND will develop the strengthening, building, validation with TRL6/7 in real industrial settings and analysis of exploitability of two intelligent aerial manipulation robots with automous capabilities developed by the GRVC Robotics Lab research group.


HAERA is going to develop a hybrid aero-aquatic system for sampling, monitoring, and intervention to be used for water quality assessment in reservoirs and marshes. The system will be designed to maximize the coverage, increase the sampling frequency and success rate in the measurement of water quality, decrease the effect of spillages, and contribute to micro-plastic cleaning. Two different types of robotic systems will be integrated: fully-actuated multirotor robot and flapping wing bioinspired robot.


The deployment of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) services could revolutionize the way people move and packages are transported within and around cities by shortening commute times, reducing the amount of CO2, by passing ground congestion, enabling point-to-point flights across cities, and reducing traffic accidents. To achieve this paradigm shift is needed to develop systems that allow the safe operation of this type of transport and improve public acceptance of these type of new devices.


El proyecto ARTIC propone el desarrollo de un sistema robótico aéreo autónomo para la inspección de túneles, minas y otras infraestructuras subterráneas, que sea capaz de tener contacto físico con las paredes del túnel y realizar inspección por contacto con sensores de ultrasonidos para medir el ancho y profundidad de las grietas y sensores para detectar las barras , además de la inspección visual con cámaras.