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AWARE Project (IST-2006-33579)

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End Users

The AWARE project is settling a User Group. The following entities are invited to become members of this User Group:

  • Agencies and Government offices in charge of Disaster Management and Civil Security.
  • Media industries.
  • IT industries, including developers and vendors SMEs.
  • Universities and Research Centers.

The User Group will provide valuable information for the following project activities:

  • Specification of the system.
  • Evaluation of the involved technologies and project results.
  • Information for the Exploitation plan.

The members of the User Group will be invited to the general experiments and demonstration of the AWARE system, and to special purpose meetings during the project. The first meeting was held in Seville, June 6, 2006.

If you are interested to become member of the User Group, please click here. The following institutions are currently members of the User Group:

Name Partner involved
Siemens USTUTT
E-Senza Technologies GmbH USTUTT
TTI GmbH - TGU Smartmote USTUTT
Seville Fire Fighting Service AICIA
Local Police of Seville AICIA
RTVA Castilla la Mancha AICIA
Fire department of Berlin TUB
Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH TUB
EVS Broadcast Equipment S.A. FC
Belgian police force FC
Department of Environment, Food &Rural Affairs - DEFRA SELEX
Home Office SELEX
London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority LFEPA SELEX
Department of Trade and Industry Wireless Sensing Interest Group - DTI WiSIG SELEX
National Physical Laboratory - NPL SELEX
EGMASA. Company for Environment Management in Andalusia (Spain) ITU
Spanish Civil Guard ITU
Emergency Military Unit ITU
Forest Fire Service of the Andalusia Regional Government ITU
Forest Fire Service of the Castilla-Leon Regional Government ITU
Utrera City Council ITU
Aerlyper, avionics company ITU
Aerlyper, avionics company ITU
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