Technology transfer activities that the group has done in the former years:

  • Participation in the development of the CATS testing system that is being used by AIRBUS DS in the C235, CN295 and A400M aircrafts.
  • Robotics and Automation technologies for aircraft manufacturing including multi-joint redundant manipulators, automatic elevation systems and perception systems for legged robots transferred to AIRBUS DS, INASOR, MC2 and APPLUS.
  • Unmanned ground systems and autonomous systems for ground vehicles transferred to the ITURRI Group.
  • Wireless sensor networks (WSN) for the protection of fire fighters transfered to the ITURRI Group.
  • Autonomous systems for marine vehicles, command and control centers, computer vision systems for tracking and forest fire detection technologies  transferred to NAVANTIA.
  • Aircraft conflict detection and resolution techniques and surveillance methods based on UAS  transferred to BOEING RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY EUROPE.
  • Forest fire monitoring using helicopter on-board cameras transferred to FAASA.
  • Intrusion detection and personnel monitoring using cameras and WSN nodes transferred to CLEVER.

Futhermore, the following technologies are being transferred or can be transferred to companies:

  • Computer vision systems for quality control and classification.
  • Autonomous transportation and logistic functionalities in industrial plants.
  • Surveillance for security applications.

GRVC has collaborated with many companies including: