UNVEX 2022, the main drones national event in Spain, was held in the FIBES exhibition centre in Seville from 14 to 16 September of 2022. Several GRVC members were invited to participate in different UNVEX panels.

Aníbal Ollero (https://grvc.us.es/head-of-the-laboratory/), director of the GRVC Robotics Lab, was invited to one of the main plenary panels of UNVEX: the “Technological challenges” panel 11 moderated by Antonio Sousa. Aníbal presented the main achievements of two initiatives he is leading and coordinating: the AERIAL-CORE EU Project (https://aerial-core.eu/) and the GRIFFIN ERC Advanced Grant (https://griffin-erc-advanced-grant.eu/).

Guillermo Heredia moderated the panel 19 (“Training”) and participated with a presentation about PhD, Master and Undergraduate Students in UAS at the University of Seville.

Finally, Ivan Maza (https://personal.us.es/imaza/) was invited to participate in the panel 17 about Counter-UAS systems. He presented the EU Project COURAGEOUS (https://courageous-isf.eu/) where the GRVC Robotics Lab is participating in the development of a standardized test methodology for detection, tracking and identification of nefarious drones’ utilising countermeasure systems to protect the lower airspace.