Yesterday, 15th of December 2020, the Professor Anibal Ollero was in the presentation of the Magazine “Andalucía I+D+I” in La Casa de ABC de Sevilla.

The Magazine includes the article “Drones that are inspired by the mythological griffin” with an interview to Anibal Ollero. In this interview the head of GRVC laboratory at the University of Seville and 2019 Rei Jaume I award in New Technologies, talks about the GRIFFIN Advanced Grant of the European Research Council and the new bioinspired aerial robots.

Prof.  Anibal Ollero also introduced the H2020 project of the European Commission AERIAL-CORE that he is coordinating. This Research and Innovation project has, in addition of the University of Seville, 15 partners from 9 European countries, including FADA-CATEC and ENDESA. The project is developing a system integrating aerial robots that are able to fly kilometres with others that can land on restricted places to recharge autonomously the battery or to perform manipulation perched on a cable. The system will be applied to the inspection and maintenance of large infrastructures. Particularly, GRVC is working with ENDESA, in the inspection and maintenance of Electrical Power lines.

The GRVC lab is currently working in 12 projects of the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Commission, 4 Spanish Research Projects and 12 contracts with companies.

Download the full interview here.