Real Academia Galega de Ciencias:

“Our good friend and colleague Prof. Anibal Ollero Baturone, currently professor of Systems Engineering and Automation at the University of Seville. Who in the first years of creation of the Higher School of Industrial Engineers of Vigo, was the professor’s first Department of Automation and Electronics. He was elected on October 8 academic of the Royal Galician Academy of Sciences, section of Technical Sciences, by unanimity of all the members present in the plenary session.

To his undoubted contribution to the birth of the School of Vigo, we must add his extraordinary curriculum, in which he stands out having been the 2019 Prize of the Rey Jaume I Foundation in the area of ​​New Technologies, the most prestigious award for a Spanish scientist  in Spain. Also the EU Innovation Radar Prize 2017, the most important prize awarded by the European Commission for Technological Innovation.

Next January, the RAGC entrance ceremony will take place.

Those of us who were his colleagues in Vigo, I think we should feel very proud of his scientific-technical career and the awards he has obtained. I’m sure they won’t be the last. “