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One of the most important robotics events of Europe is going to start: European Robotics Forum, also known as ERF. This meeting will be held this year at Málaga (Spain) from 3 to 5 March. The reception will be organised in the Palacio de Ferias de Málaga, the venue that hosts the European Robotics Forum, in the evening of 3 March as from 18:30 (Av. de José Ortega y Gasset, 201, Málaga)

This year the head of GRVC Aníbal Ollero will organize the workshop with Mauricio Calva (Chevron), Kris Kydd (TOTAL), Juha Röning (University of Oülu) and Antidio Viguria (FADA-CATEC).

The main motivation is the interest in the application of aerial robotics, combined with artificial intelligence methods, for inspection and maintenance. Methods such as learning and autonomous detection will be applied to provide intelligence to aerial robots in inspection and maintenance applications. It includes the perception and high-level control of aerial robots, as well as the exploitation of data for the inspection and maintenance application.

The organizers and speakers are top level members of relevant companies, including end-users (CHEVRON, TOTAL, ENDESA-ENEL) and technology developers (Thales, Terabee, VES, NEOBOTICS), as well as research institutions (Univ. Sevilla, Univ. Oulu, Univ. Twente, Univ. Naples, FADA-CATEC).

The Workshop will continue a very successful series, which have been very well attended in all previous Workshops. These Workshops have generated new joint initiatives and successful proposals of new projects and even new product.

The Workshop will present recent results and demonstrations of on-going H2020 projects related to the application of aerial robotics to inspection and maintenance, including HYFLIERS, AERIAL-CORE, PILOTING, RESIST and GRIFFIN, as well as other successful projects recently finalized such as AEROARMS.