This year the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robotic Systems (IROS) has been held in Macau (China) between November 4th and 8th and 6 out of the 11 spanish papers were from GRVC. The GRVC head Aníbal Ollero and the members Pedro Sánchez and Julio L. Paneque presented several papers produced this year inside projects such as the ERC Advanced Grant project GRIFFIN, Multidrone, AEROARMS, HYFLIERS or AEROBI. This is the list of presented papers:

  • A. Suarez, M. Pérez García, G. Heredia and A. Ollero: “Small-Scale Compliant Dual Arm With Tail for Winged Aerial Robots”.
  • A. Jiménez-Cano, P. J. Sánchez Cuevas, P. Grau, A. Ollero, G. Heredia: “Contact-Based Bridge Inspection Multirotors Design, Modeling, and Control Considering the Ceiling Effect.
  • J. L. Paneque, J. R. Martínez-De Dios, A. Ollero: “Multi-Sensor 6 DoF Localization for Aerial Robots in Complex GNSS-Denied Environments”.
  • A. Ollero, G. Heredia, A. Franchi, G. Antonelli, K. Kondak, A. Sanfeliu, A. Viguria, J. R. Martínez-De Dios, F. Pierri, J. Cortés, A. Santamaría-Navarro, M. A. Trujillo Soto, R. Balachandran, J. Andrade – Cetto, A. Rodríguez Castaño. “Aerial Robots with Advanced Manipulation Capabilities for Inspection and Maintenance: The AEROARMS Project”.
  • P. Ramón Soria, A. E. Gómez Tamm, F. J. García Rubiales, B. C. Arrúe. “Autonomous Landing on Pipes Using Soft Gripper for Inspection and Maintenance in Outdoor Environments”.
  • S. Hamaza, I. Georgilas, M. J. Fernández, P. J. Sánchez Cuevas, T. Richardson, G. Heredia, A. Ollero. “Sensor installation and Retrieval Operations Using an Unmanned Aerial Manipulator”.

The 2019 IROS has included in its final programme 1127 papers for oral presentations, 148 late breaking new posters and 41 workshops and tutorial. IROS is one of the most important IEEE conferences, in conjunction with IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) or the European Robotics Forum (ERF). Last year IROS was held in Madrid (Spain) and every year is one of the best showcases for the dissemination of the GRVC international projects.