This Tuesday October 8th the 1st call of RIMA network was presented in an event which count on with the presence of GRVC, FADA-CATEC and CTA. The presentation took place at Parque Aerópolis in Seville, a place where this kind of events are usually held. Apart from explaining how the RIMA network operates, the initiative Robotics DIH was also presented by Silvia de los Santos from CTA as a service provider for SMEs and slitghly enterprises focused on Inspection and Maintenance projects.

Inspection and Maintenance (I&M) represents a huge economic activity (450 Bn€ market) spanning across sectors such as energy, transport, civil engineering. EU hosts over 50% of I&M robotics offer but there is a bottleneck connecting it to the market and high potential applications. RIMA is a 4-year project aiming to establish a network of 13 Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) on robotics sharing best practices and providing services to facilitate uptake of I&M technologies. Our challenge is to reinforce this connection and to provide education and training on robotics I&M and to connect the value chain – research, technology companies, service providers, end users and investors- for accelerating economic growth in the field.