Anibal Ollero has won the 31st King Jaume I Award in New Technologies. These awards are very prestigious counting with 19 Nobel prizes in the Jury and are endowed with 100.000 euros.

The jury awarded the leadership of Anibal Ollero  in aerial robotics and his priceless capability to combine excellent research and technology innovation with the technology transfer to companies. The jury highlighted the “Invaluable ability to combine excellence in research and technological innovation with the transfer of technology to companies in the field of aerial robotics”.

Ollero currently works as head of GRVC (Robotics, Vision and Control Group) and as scientific asessor of FADA-CATEC. GRVC participates currently in nine european projects inside the H2020 framework programme and so as to several national projects as DREAM or INSPECTOR. In the last years Anibal Ollero has received another prizes as the 2017 European Radar Prize from Euronews because of the development of the AEROX prototype or the FAMA Prize from the University of Seville.

The full article published by the University of Seville can be read here.