On May 23rd the ICRA 2019 workshop “The Future of Aerial Robotics: Challenges and Opportunities” was held in Montréal, Canada. During this event experts from several institutions and enterprises as University of Zagreb (LARICS), EPFL or DJI analysed the future evolution of the UAVs applications as well as issues like compliance and autonomy in aerial manipulation or the morphology for Aerial Robotics.

The workshop counted with the presence of GRVC professors Anibal Ollero (head of the group) and Guillermo Heredia. Heredia showed new advances in aerial manipulation developed inside the H2020 AEROARMS project during his talk entitled “Compliance in Aerial Manipulation”. Later in the 4th session of the workshop Ollero closed the event with his exposition entitled as the workshop: “Aerial Robotics: Challenges and Opportunities”.

Aparto from AEROARMS (currently in its final stage), projects as ERC Advanced Grant GRIFFIN, HYFLIERS or RESIST were exposed to the assistants. This evento also count on the presence of members from another institutions that now are working with us, for example Antonio Franchi from LAAS-CNRS, Gianluca Antonelli (CREATE) or Stjepan Bogdan (University of Zagreb).