Next May 23rd 2019 the workshop entitled “The Future of Aerial Robotics: Challenges and Opportunities” will be held at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), which will take place this year in Montréal, Canada. This workshop will be focused on the analysis of the evolution of aerial robotics technologies and applications in order to identify the most relevant challenges and opportunities in the next decade both for the academia and industry including developers and end users.

The head of the group Anibal Ollero and professor Guillermo Heredia will participate here. Ollero will introduce the workshop with his presentation entitled “Intro talk – Aerial Robotics: Introduction to Challenges and Opportunities” and Heredia will expose the innovations of aerial manipulation during the talk entitled “Compliance in Aerial Manipulation”.

If you want more information like the agenda or who will be the speakers, check the workshop website.