On November 16th will start the European Robotics Week, an event full of various interactive robotics related events across Europe. This events aims to show how robots will impact in our daily lives (work, education…) and it’s intended to wide public. One month before the official announcement of this activity, 650 events has been promoted and there are another 1000 events expected.

Every year a city is chosen to host this event at its start and in this case is the turn of Ausburg, a city located at the south of Germany. Between November 16th and 17th Ausburg will host the Central Opening Event of the EuRobotics Week.

Between the activities organised by the spanish universities you will find out some events from our group, as a round table in the ETSI with Aníbal Ollero and the GRIFFIN kick-off meeting at November 16th. The activities list is available at the EuRobotics website, where you can find out more information.