A team composed by Airbus DS, FADA-CATEC and GRVC (Universidad de Sevilla), represented by Airbus won the prize for best drone based application at the EU Drone Awards.

The award was collected in the European Parlament, last January 24, by Juan Ramón Astorga (Manufacturing Engineering department at the CBC plant, Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz), Antidio Viguria (FADA-CATEC) and Anibal Ollero (GRVC, Universidad de Sevilla).

Selected from among more than 50 proposals and applications made by teams and companies from more than 14 European countries, the project was included on nine finalists, three in each of the EU Drone Awards’ three categories. The final verdict was made by a jury comprising specialists, leading technology firms such as Parrot, and the award organisers.

The awarded work was performed in the EUROC Challenge 3 by the team of the three institutions coordinated by Anibal Ollero. This work consist on the application of drones to aircraft manufacturing. Particularly, the following applications have been researched: searching and localisation of foreign objects (FOD) and logistic distribution of small parts