GRVC had a relevant participation in the IEEE 2016 Conferences.

In ICRA (Stockholm, Sweden, 16-21 May 2016) Professor Ollero delivered the keynote talk
“Aerial robotic manipulation. Where are we going?”

He also co-organized the successful Workshop
“Aerial Robotics Manipulation: from Simulation to Real-Life” ( where he delivered the presentation
“Structure assembly, inspection and maintenance by means of aerial robotic manipulators”

Moreover he participated in the Aerial Robotics Tutorial (
with the presentation “Aerial Manipulation”.

The following regular papers were also presented:

– “Experiments on Coordinated Motion of Aerial Robotic Manipulators” by
Giuseppe Muscio, Francesco Pierri, Miguel Angel Trujillo, Elisabetta Cataldi, Gerardo Giglio, Gianluca Antonelli, Fabrizio Caccavale, Antidio Viguria, Stefano Chiaverini, Anibal Ollero

– “Cooperative Sensor Fault Recovery in Multi-UAV Systems” by
Alejandro Suarez, Guillermo Heredia and Anibal Ollero

GRVC was also present present in the 2016 International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS), at Arlington, USA, June 7-10, 2016, with the following presentations:

– “A distributed framework for surveillance missions with aerial robots
including dynamic assignment of the detected intruders” by Jose J. Acevedo, B. C. Arrue, Ivan Maza and Anibal Ollero

– “Long-Term Aerial Robot Localization based on Visual Odometry and
Radio-based Ranging” by F.J. P´erez-Grau, F.R. Fabresse, F. Caballero, A. Viguria and A. Ollero

– “A Robust Decentralised Strategy for Multi-Task Control of Unmanned
Aerial Systems. Application on Underactuated Aerial Manipulator” by J.A Acosta, C.R. de Cos and A. Ollero

– “Area Decomposition, Partition and Coverage with Multiple Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Operating in Coastal Regions” by Fotios Balampanis, Ivan Maza and Anibal Ollero

– “Active perception for 3D Range-only Simultaneous Localization and
Mapping with UAVs” by F.R. Fabresse, F. Caballero, L. Merino and A. Ollero

– “Wind Characterization and Mapping Using Fixed-Wing Small Unmanned Aerial Systems” by L. Rodriguez, J.A. Cobano and A. Ollero

– “A Novel Landing System to Increase Payload Capacity and Operational
Availability of High Altitude Long Endurance UAV” by Tin Muskardin, Georg Balmer, Linnea Persson, Sven Wlach, Maximilian Laiacker, Anibal Ollero
and Konstantin Kondak

– “A multi-payload simulator for cooperative UAS missions” by J.J. Ruiz, J.R. Martinez-de-Dios, J.A. Cobano, and A. Ollero

In IROS 2016 (Daejeon, Korea, 9-14 October, 2016) two GRVC regular papers were presented:

– “Lightweight Compliant Arm with Compliant Finger for Aerial Manipulation and Inspection” by Alejandro Suarez, Guillermo Heredia and Anibal Ollero

– “Wind Field Estimation and Identification having Shear Wind and
Discrete Gusts Features with a Small UAS” by L. Rodriguez, J. A. Cobano and A. Ollero