GRVC was present at the last European Robotics Forum (21-23 March 2016, Ljubljana, Slovenia), you can find the pdf version of the program here.

The ARCAS project, coordinated by Prof. Anibal Ollero, GRVC Director, was selected to be presented in the session “Step Change Results from FP7 Projects”, March 21 afternoon,organized by the European Commission.

Moreover the AEROARMS project was presented in the Workshop “Aerial Robotics for Inspection and Maintenance” Co-organized by Anibal Ollero (AEROARMS coordinator and also coordinator of the Aerial Robotics Topic Group of euRobotics) and Ekkehard Zwicker (AEROARMS member and also coordinator of the Inspection and Maintenance Topic Group of euRobotics). The Workshop was also March 21 afternoon.

Motivation and Objectives

The interest of the application of Aerial Robotics to Inspection and Maintenance is very evident today, including industrial plants, the energy generation and distribution, and the infrastructures. The robotics inspection technologies are also diverse ranging from the classical visual and infrared inspection to the recent inspection by contact and maintenance functionalities being developed in new H2020 projects. In the workshop we will analyse the application needs and the possibilities and current limitation of the technologies. The Workshop involves leaders in the development of aerial robotic technologies, companies providing inspection and maintenance services and end users. It will contribute to the Road Map in both Aerial Robotics (Robot Categories, Aerial Robotics) and Application of Robotics to Inspection and Maintenance (Commercial Domain, Subdomain Inspection and Maintenance).

Agenda of the workshop

The workshop consisted of three short round tables dealing with Innovative technologies, Applications to Industry Plants and Application to Infrastructures and Energy Systems.

For more detailed and technical information check the Workshop Digest.