This year, the International Conference on Intelligent Robot and System (IROS) was held in Hamburg (Germany). IROS 2015 had 2541 registrations and a reserved space for booths during the 6 days exhibition. The Robotics, Vision and Control Group (GRVC) presented three papers and had a joint booth with DLR exhibiting the ARCAS and AEROARMS projects.

In the booth, DLR exhibited the Flettner helicopter with a KUKA LWR arm. On the other hand, the GRVC  presented a multi-rotor system with a pair of five degrees-of-freedom robotic arms for bilateral manipulation while flying. The booth also had three screens where the general ARCAS video and other videos provided by ARCAS partners were displayed. The booth had many visitors from universities, research institutions and companies, including robotics companies and users interested in the application of the ARCAS and AEROARMS technologies, such as oil and gas companies that are the first users of the inspection and maintenance aerial robotics technologies being developed in AEROARMS. The last day of the exhibition was the Open Day in which general public, particularly many young people, visited the booth

Moreover, Professor Ollero chaired a meeting of the IEEE Technical Committee on Aerial Robotics and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and participated in a meeting of the euRobotics Board of Directors.

A small gallery of pictures is provided below: