The Robotics, Vision and Control Group (GRVC), sited in the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería (Universidad de Sevilla), consists of more than 50 researchers. The main research and development topics are related to Robotics, Embedded Systems, Computer Vision and Control technologies. GRVC combines the research activity with the development of prototypes and applications implemented in collaboration with companies and institutions.

During the last 10 years GRVC has carried out 51 Research and Development Projects, and its members have authored more than 400 publications including three books. The group has a strong involvement in the Framework Programmes of the European Commission participating as partner in 7 projects and leading (Scientific and Technical Coordination) the COMETS and AEROARMS project in the IST Programme. Furthermore, the GRVC researchers conducted 7 projects of the Spanish R&D Plan and leaded 3 coordinated projects. The collaboration and technology transfer to companies also plays an important role. Thus several technologies and systems developed by GRVC have been transferred to companies such as Airbus Group, Navantia, Boeing Research and Technology Europe, FAASA, Iturri Group, Iberdrola, Acuinova, Deimos Space, Servicios Forestales and others. GRVC also cooperates with a long list of top universities, research institutions and companies in Europe and USA.

The group offers every year several scholarships for Engineering Graduation projects and PhD Thesis.

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